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“We will get rid of all the hacks on our game soon.”
~ A hopeful spokeperson at Joymax
“HuaShuaSHuasHHuaAhuAShUA and biba is all you need to know to be able to have a decent conversation with Brazilian players”

Darkeden is an mmorpg featuring 3 distinctive races engaging an everlasting battle: the no lifers, the hackers, and the vampires.

edit Story

Three master vampires going by the name of Softon, Joymax and Netmarble arrived on the online games market territory. Upon finding it a welcoming ground, they decided to start their feeding campaign and suck all the money of the poor inhabitants of that land. Indeed, contrary to popular belief these vampires do not drink blood but instead suck money and hours of life from people falling in their net.

They conceived several traps each going by the name DarkEden ofter abbreviated DE, they set these traps for international victims, thailand victims, japanese victims and their most seeked after target, korean victims. The clueless people who fell into these traps soon became the second race of the game, the no lifers.

While the vampires would drain their money and life out of them, they spent hours sitting in front of the computer hopelessly trying to reach never ending levels evilly conceived by the original vampires. These no lifers would all repeat to themselves "just one more level...just one more level...just one more level". They would also fight among themselves to prove to be the biggest no lifers of them all. After a certain time, a no lifer would express himself or herself only using a single letter, too captivated to type further. The letter would range from kkkkkk to wwwww or even zzzzz.

The vampires were pretty pleased with their cattle, unfortunately a third race appeared among the no lifers. It was the Dawn of the Hackers. These hackers managed to awoke themselves from the influence of the vampires and realized their evil plot. One of the hackers, going by the name Morpheus, decided it was high time to put an end to the evil ways of the three vampires, especially the main one Softon, and went in search of the Chosen One, Neo. Along with Neo, several persons would follow their lead and stand against the mean vampires. They started spreading their virus among the no lifers. Symptoms included a speed superior to the one of Speedy Gonzales and the Road Runner combined, a tendency to use n00b in all their sentences, make the vampires' traps crash at will and above all else, wipe out any no lifer they'd wish.

When the hackers won their first battle against the vampires by putting an end to their international trap, the no lifers began spreading among the other various traps at their disposal. Soon after, the Thailand trap fell apart as well. The vampires stroke back by creating a new International trap dubbed the Global trap in which they would suck even more money than ever to the no lifers who would rather start from scratch there than doing their last level needed to finish they level quest on another trap version. Aware of that move, the hackers decided to attack there as well. Only the Korean and Japanese traps seem to have resisted thus far to the assault but for how long...

This is the settings in which Darkeden takes place.

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