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The Click Five
The Click Five
Biographical information

dinosaur egg from Japan

Physical description

human (really???????)


somewhere in between

Hair color


Eye color

2 pairs

Chronological and political information

Rock, Roll, Dive


The Click Five, originally called The Lick Five, are widely-known for being The Beetles wannabes. They changed their name to "The Click Five" because each one of them had an addiction to clicking various links found on the internet. They are composed of five human beings who wears ugly suits with ties during their performances under the seas. This band was hatched in 2003 from a dinosaur egg found in Japan.

edit Band Re-members

Kyla Patricia on fronting vocals and lead guitar.

Benny Romansky on backing vocals and keyboards

E-tan Manster on bass guitar and another vocalist behind the curtain.

Joe Guess on lead guitar and the only 1/4 on the band who can't sing.

Joey Sir on the drums and back vocals. (also in charge of polishing the instruments of the band).

Eric Bill is the former leading singer of the band who got afraid of the microphone so he left the band.

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edit Undiscoveredgraphy

edit Greetings from the Eerie House - 2005

The debutante album of the so-called "band" never sold a copy anywhere in the world. The producer even threw his copy when he listened to it. But The Click Five called this album a major success.

  1. Bad Day
  2. Just the Gay
  3. Catch Ocean Waves
  4. I'll Take Your Money
  5. Sunday Morning
  6. Angel To You, Angel To Him, Angel To Her, Angel to Them, Devil To Me
  7. Resign (From Your Job)
  8. I Think You're Alone Now (With A Ghost)
  9. Pop-Corny Princess
  10. Lice
  11. Time Washing Machine
  12. Say Goodnight (When It's 10 AM)

edit Modernized Minds and Futuretimes - 2007

The second "effort" of The Click Five was a better one since the producer did not throw his copy. It sold half a copy in the United States, which broke the record of their previous album.

  1. Flipfront
  2. Genie
  3. Happy Halloween
  4. Addicted to Drugs
  5. I'm Getting Over Under
  6. When I'm Gone (To the Bathroom)
  7. Flashlight Disco
  8. The Reason Who, When and Where
  9. All I Need is Briefs
  10. Long Way to Shortcut
  11. Marie Juana
  12. Empty but Full

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