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Ya so there was this guy named CheddarBBQ, right? Right. Yeah, so this guy named Cheddar (I mean, what a fucked up name) decided to walk down the street.

Now, there is another aspect about this Cheddar guy. You see, this punk is Italian, which means he goes gloating around everywhere about how he's "better" (Which, in my world, means a whole lot worse) then everybody just cause he lives in a country shaped conveniently like a shoe. Perfect to kick ass with. An since he is Italian, it explains where his fucked up name came from, since all Italians are fucked in the head, except for the guy who invented pasta. He's cool. Anyhow, back to the story.

Yeah, so this Cheddar guy, who went around the street wearing a shirt that said "Italians are better than you" was walking down the road. He walked past a dog, and then it bit him because dogs don't decieved by those Italian punks and know that they are really a pile of crap.

So, as Cheddar was walking, he saw a rock on the ground. And, being the dumb Italian he was, bent over to pick it up.

And then he got hit struck by lightning and died.


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