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This is a work in progress by myself over the next few days

Teutonic Efficiency is known worldwide as being by far the most efficient, and destinctly Teutonic of all the Efficiencies that have come to encompass world affairs. It encompasses a destinctly Teutonic work ethic in which although being predominant in Germany is present to lesser extents in its sorrounding neighbors: The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and Luxembourg.

edit Teutonic Efficiency in Germany

Although historically it has been know that Bier has played a large role in German Territorial Ambitions, many overlook the efficiency that is required to gather such large amounts of beer in one place, or for example the amount of work and coordination it takes to get so much quality beer to one place. All of this in time for an Offensive of the German Army. (Usually into Poland)

edit The History of Teutonic Efficiency

Begun as a tradition by Charlemagne in ruthlessly getting things done, and often with as much blood as possible, Teutonic efficiency has passed down through the generations and only grown exceedingly Efficient, and exceedingly ruthless. Almost to the point that German Bureaucrats became an endangered species in the Franco-Prussian War and again in World War II. Although after German Reunification they once again began to make a comeback, and now are fairly common in Large German cities like Berlin, and Paris. Some have even migrated away from germany and make their homes in America, and some even as far as Japan.


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