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Die Hard 81
aka Die Hard: With A Pacemaker
Directed by Chuck Norris
Written by Chuck Norris

Bruce Willis as John McClane
Chuck Norris as Evil McVillan
Britney Spears as Holly McClane

Produced by Chuck Norris
Distributed by Chuck Norris Films
Release date 18 May 2045
Runtime 116 Minutes
MPAA Rating CS (Crappy Sequel)
Language Pig Latin
Budget $250,000,000
IMDb page

edit Plot

After Evil McVillan steals a nuclear weapon and threatens to blow up the headquarters of Krispy Kreme doughnuts ,where Holly McClane is a hostage, John McClane pops a viagra and goes to save the day. Yippee Kay Yay Motherfucker!.

edit Response

“Fuck Yeah! That's the fucking shit right there, motherfucker!”
~ Profanity hungry fans on Die Hard 81

edit Uncut DVD

Die Hard 81 - The Ultimate Definitive Special Limited Collectors Uncut Extended Edition: The Director's Cut became one of the most pirated DVDs in history. It featured a shitload of special features including the very popular all f-bomb audio track, and 75 audio commentaries.

edit Further Sequels

edit Die Hard 82: McClane vs Obama

Currently in production. John McClane and Barack Obama go head to head for the presidency. Stars Denzel Washington as Barack Obama.

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