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A cow-orker is a person who specializes, either professionally or as a hobby, in orking cows.

  1. (noun) a : an acquaintance at a place of employment of who is below your social level b : an acquaintance at a place of employment who is below your mental capacity c : an acquaintance at your place of employment who earns more or less than you d : anyone you don't like (see you)
  2. (conditional noun) anyone reading this over your shoulder at a place of employment
  3. (noun) someone who forks cows (see Steve Ballmer)

edit History

Cow orking dates back to the Middle Ages (100 A.D. - 1953 A.D.), and the first cow-orker, St. Francis of Assisi. Over the years, various non-holy methods of orking cows have been developed, as ranchers with large herds needed a quick and easy way to bring their fiesty cows under control.

edit Cow Tipping

Cow tipping, while unrelated to cow-orking, remains a highly competitive sport in several states. The sport remains small, primarily due to the difficulties in gathering a paying audience.

edit Bull-orker

The National Cattle Producers Association has an ongoing campaign to warn people of the negative consequences of attempting to ork anything but cows. Several deaths have resulted in untrained individuals attempting to ork bulls, llamas, sheep, rugs, mice, and carburetors.

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