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edit Fun Facts to Know and Hopefully Not Tell About Me

  • Sphragidon is an Ancient Greek word meaning, "I have way too much time on my stubby little hands."
  • Doesn't mind people going "#$%& n00bs", although, if one judges the age of this site's n00bs by the maturity of their humor, that would probably be statutory rape.
  • Can cuss in the ancient language of Cloudcuckooland.
  • Doesn't huff kittens because it's against my ethical rules. Only puppies and wallabies. The wallabies can get very interesting.
  • Doesn't believe in Mary Worth.
  • Attempts to teach young dogs trigonometry and huffs the ones that can't learn.
  • Is possibly the only one in the world to have won Zork way back when you could. Hint: use the batteries.
  • Has been eaten by a grue numerous times, and once was reincarnated as Shirley MacLaine, which was a truly horrible experience.
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