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Babbling is the act of running on and on in one particular sentence without stoping for things like air, food, water, or breakfast (which I love because just this morning I went outside and picked some fresh potatoes cut them up but them in my special pot fried them for about 15 minutes, then added some olive oil for extra flavor, then I took them out and added them to some fresh eggs I made and poured ketchup all over the godamn thing and it was just disgusting. Babbling has been around since the days of old probably starting with cavemen who were having an argument on what to hit next with a rock, because hitting things with a rock was important to people back then because if they didn't hit things or people with rocks they would of not been able to eat which means we all would of died, which is bad because when you die sometimes people dig you up and get out the baby oil and oohhh...bad stuff. Anyway, babbling usually does not pertain to the subject at hand, gives no valuable information to the listening party, and leaves him/her greatly confused, like this morning when I was watching the news and there were all these people with signs and they were really mad about some sort of court decision, and Al Sharpton is there, saying that he kids are getting 6 death penalty's and 2 life terms because their black and I was like what did they do and he said "Well they killed and raped 4 children" and then I said but I don't think it matters what color you are, as long as we are the same religion, we all deserve to get the death penalty if we kill and rape a couple of kids. Kids? I hate Kids. Kids do no good to society and continue to plague us with their existence and always whine about not getting a candy bar when we are at the store and their parents are all trying to be nice to them and I'm like "SMACK THE BASTARD!" You pay for him, you house him, you own him so get to beating your children because it is the only way they are ever going to shut up and stop bothering you with dumb statements like "I'm hungry" or "Look at my dance!" or "I need my insulin!" So remember to beat your damn kids!.

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