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“I'm afraid you've found God. You might want to get a smite-resistant shield.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Sparky2002B
“Wow...somebody needs a class on basic web design...”
~ Joseph Stalin on Sparky2002B
For those obsessed with so-called-experts, Sparky2002b also has a User Page on the English Wikipedia.

Grandpiano This user is a big pianist, and as such believes they are better than all other musicians.
Nuvola apps important orange This user should not be trusted.
Adult neon This User is too Damn Sexy!
If you saw this user it's possible that you might fall to the ground and

worship him/her, or spontaneously combust from a sex drive overload.

Member of the Order
Bandaidsomg This user has Super AIDS.
Shouldn't you be working?

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