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The code on this page currently uses Dawg/Splarka's "sigexpand" and "sighidden" classes. For what's currently in place, read class="popup" and class="popuparea" as class="sigexpand" and class="sighidden" respectively. My names are way better though.

CSS needed:

span.popup a {color: black; text-decoration: none; cursor: default;}
span.popup a span.popuparea, span.popup a div.popuparea {display: none;}
span.popup a:hover span.popuparea, span.popup a:hover div.popuparea {display: inline; border: none; text-decoration: none; color: black; cursor: default;} 
Better css not supported by IE6
.popup .popuparea {display: none }
.popup:hover .popuparea {display: inline } 

This would allow links inside popups and be a lot neater, but is not supported by IE. Works fine in firefox, but in IE any popups just stay hidden.

edit Things what can be done with popups

edit A popup warning box.

Which is broken in IE at the moment, but was working at one point.

edit Basic text

Uses: <span class="popup">[[Link|activation text<span class="popuparea"> popup text</span>]]</span>

edit Normal

Normal text, popup activation text, popuptext, normal text.

edit Popping-up a template

Though if the templates have links in, they will break. Could fix this, but IE6 only supports the :hover class on anchors, even though CSS supports it on any tag.

Normal text, template popup, cabinet bla bla crinkle, normal text.

Normal text, {{{2}}} {{{3}}}, bla bla bla

edit Footnotes without the scrolling

normal text, normal text[1] - Interesting note, normal text

edit Unclickable links

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