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“The most unsophisticated japanese person i have ever met.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Yabo
“Yabo? He's the fastest freaking walker in the world!”
~ Optimus Prime on Yabo
“You Little Shit!”
~ Your Mum on Yabo
Ugly man 2
Scientific classification
Kingdom Japan
Phylum Gastrotricha
Class Pokemon
Order Carnivora
Family Phocidae
Genus WTF is a genus?!
Species Yabosaurus
Binomial name
Primary armament Cigarette
Secondary armament Smoke Attack
Power supply Satanic
Health 2000
Mana 10000
Strength +250
Intelligence -10000
Weight 80 kg
Length 6 feet
Special attack The Vapors - Turning Japanese
Conservation status
For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia think they have an article very remotely related to Yabo.

Yabo is Japanese, I think, meaning unsophisticated or sometimes unimportant.

Another meaning of Yabo: A person who thinks everyone is gay! Yabo: Simon is gay! Arun is gay!

edit BEWARE!

This is a typical example of someone who is yabo.

Beware, if u annoy it, it will annoy (and possible kill) you:

  • Blows smoke in your face! cigarette smoke is thought to be a carcinogenic chemical, which if inhaled too much turns you into a meat popsicle.
  • Force you to kill yourself with all his "your mum" and "is gay" jokes!
    • 機械,機械,機械,機械,機械,機械!!!!!!! Take that Yabo!!

edit States of Yabo

Irrespective of the picture to the right, he can change state between zombie and retard:

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