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Here at Uncycloversity, we pride ourselves on feeding the youth of the world misinformation and lies, equipping them to go on into prostitutionthe working world with a sense of ignorance and utter confusion. MinionsStudents studying for a Degree in Art Sciences can expect the highest standard of edumacation from our devoted overlordsstaff.

edit Course Requirements

A Degree in Art Sciences, which will allow the graduate to attach a BScA ArSes to his title (all females attending our course come out the other end male), requires that the contestant applicants pass through the tormenting flames of hell without catching on fire, and then to participate in a destruction derby with each other. Alternatively, they can provide the answers to the standard IQ Test (found here).


The parent of modern ArSes, showing his/her first major breakthrough. Notice the the fact that it's Albert Einstein, but with a lot more style.

edit Art Science Faculty

The ArSe Fac., (known for their ability to completely blank, or wipe, students brains), are commited to edumacating all students submitted to their controlcare. They are all experts in their field (as no other universities will accept the validity of the course). This means that students are getting the highest standard of teaching in the world on their chosen subject. Head of Faculty Mrs A. Einstein, founder of Art Sciences and Interior Designer, has this to say:

"We who are on the cutting edge of this revolutionary turn in universal history, are pleased to share our experience and knowledge to those who join our ranks. As long as they are Blue-Eyed, blonde haired, have fabulous fashion sense, and do not exhibit Aspergers Syndrome, we will make sure that they receive the highest quality of care. If any of the aforementioned traits are exhibited, or if they are jewish, they will be singled out and experimented on for the furtherment of our field. They are still encouraged to apply however, as Uncycloversity is dedicated to diversity."

edit Course Layout

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