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Ashley Titsdale is a chihuaha-American whore. She began selling her body for money at the age of 6, and was subsequently involved in high-profile romances with George W. Bush, Muhatma Ghandi, Your Mom, Me, Miley Cyrus, and Cameron Diaz.

Her twin-brother, separated at birth, was Zac Efron. They have since reunited and engaged in incest. Both were created by villainous Jewish androids in the year 2044 and sent back in time to destroy humanity (they failed, having been repeatedly defeated by the Power Rangers).

Efron and Tisdale married in a ceremony presided by Shimon Peres. The Minister was Oprah Winfrey

Tisdale is a Self-hating Jew.

She's fucking 21 and she doesn't even have good sized boobs! I've seen god damn 13 year olds with bigegr ones for god's sake! In her music video for "Be good to me in bed", she's dancing around all slutty, shaking her ass in small shorts, and hitting poles.

MCA Ashley with Miley Cyrus, when in lesbo mood. Ashleytisdale Ashley Tisdale, when horny. Atslip Nipple Slip.

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