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This template was shamelessly stolen from YTTE. Any attempts to give it back will be futile.

Stuff I've Created:

  1. 33/50 Knut
  2. 38/50 HowTo:Win A Darwin Award
  3. 42.5/50NinjastarArt That Looks Like Nothing (15/4/4)
  4. 31.3/50 (PLS) Heath Ledger (rw)
  5. 25/50That time I was nearly raped by a camel during my sojourn in Mecca
  6. Why?:Did I just read Twilight?
  7. 37.2/50(CW) Spore (rw)
  8. (CW) Civilization IV (rw)
  9. 33.8/50(CW) International Talk Like A Landlubber Day (rw)
  10. 38.8/50(CW) Gameboy Micro (rw)
  11. 35.6/50(CW) Cookie Monster (rw)
  12. (CW) Nintendo DS (rw)
  13. 34/5041/50Ghetto White Boy Syndrome
  14. Letter to You in
  15. (PLS) HowTo:Online Jihad (rw)
  16. 42/50 Jew Beanie
  17. 33.2/50Tits or GTFO!
  18. 32.5/50(HC)Jabulani
  19. 38/50Why?:Brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack? (9/3/1)
  20. 34/5036/50Parallel Parking
  21. 43.75/50NinjastarGood Old Days (rw) (13/0/0)
  22. 33.8/5037.5/50NinjastarHowTo:Understand Jersey Shore (11/0/0)
  23. UnTweets:California Gurl
  24. 50*/50NinjastarUnMovie Review:Inception (2010) (12/1.5/0)
  25. 33/50Generic Theory of Probably Something
  26. (PLS) I'd Like to Talk to you about Jesus

Working on:

  1. Minecraft (rw)
Forever and Always: UnBooks:The Assassination of Julius Caesar (at the hands of a lying group of scumbag bastards) - English Translate

Placed on Hold/Abandoned:

  1. Concussion
  2. Ralph the Wonder Llama (rw)
  3. Perverted Justice
  4. The Secret Lives of the People in Olive Garden Commercials
  1. An informal letter to Rupert Murdoch regarding the Fox News channel's bias (abandoned)
  2. Runes of Magic (I no longer play the game)
  3. The Life Book (Just blowing off steam from a retarded idea by my school's bible club)

Possible Future Ventures:

  1. The Bush-Dolphin War (rw)
  2. UnBooks:Richard Nixon's enemies list, now with 350% more Bowling! (rw of Bowling)
  3. UnBooks:The Boy Who Cried "Wolves are having sex on my porch!"
  4. Antibortion
  5. A Huge Fucking Gorilla with Downs Syndrome
  6. Shit Tornado
  7. A Zoo you get Killed at (rw of Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  8. Barbed Wire
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