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Zodiac alpaca dante

Cursed with the burden of having an alpaca's head, and an alpaca's body.

Ralph the Wonder Llama (August 3rd, 1999 - January 16th, 2004) was an Latin American film star taken before his time. He starred in many films during his 4-year life, and is considered to be the most influential movie extras ever.

edit The early years

Ralph was born into the slums of Northern Peru just before the turn of the century. A social outcast among the other alpacas in the farming community he lived in. He was beaten, tormented, and cast away by his peers, because he was a little different then they were.

Ralph was cursed from birth as a llama with the head of an alpaca, and also the torso and legs of an alpaca. At the time, Llamas were the political minority among the Camelid family of animals in Peru. Llamas have been the scapegoat for all problems that have been presented to the ruling alpaca breed for hundreds of years.

With the help of a friendly Llama, Ralph was able to escape from the tyrannical choke hold the alpacas had on the farming community through a series of tunnels below the surface of Peru. Ralph emerged cold and hungry, but a free llama in the blissful land of Ecuador.

edit Northward HO!

The year was 2000 AD, and the world was ripe for Ralph's picking. Ecuador had been Ralphs home for almost 3 months, and despite being eternally grateful for the hospitality of the country, Ralph felt there was more he could accomplish. In November of 2000, Ralph bid his farewell from Ecuador, promising he will return. A promise he couldn't keep.

Latin america

By November of the same year Ralph had reached his final destination, The southern most reaches of California. Ralph was able to easily mesh into the American world. It was 2000 and America wouldn't become broiled in a war against illegal immigrants until many years later.

edit Movie Star

edit Selected Filmography

edit Legacy

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