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For those without comedic tastes, the self-proclaimed experts at Wikipedia have an article about Knut.

Aww, look at his cute little eyes, don't you just want to buy all of his albums, and any movie at all that features him even the slightest bit?

“This thing is a menace to... Oh, look at his cute little eyes, he's so cute!”
~ Stephen Colbert on Knut

Knut (pronounced Otto Von Bismarck) (born at the Berlin Zoo, somewhere in former Nazi Germany on December 32nd 2009) is a polar bear born to what is considered to be a combination of a polar bear and a cute little baby is currently the subject of current German Music. He is on the rise as one of the greatest german pop sensations ever! Being only six months old has already released 7 albums, 3 documentaries, and is conversing with various movie producers about his first feature length movie[1]

edit Things we need to keep in this Article

Knut Uncute

This image was released on May 1st Stating the fact of life, Knut is Steadily becoming LESS CUTE!

Facts of Life - [2] Movies - [3]

edit The Making of - Knut

Enter The Facts of Life

edit Media

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edit Albums

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edit Documentaries

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edit KNUT: The Movie

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edit Controversy

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edit Controversy on Murder

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edit Notes on Knut

  1. Details of the movie are up on any major movie website, and several YouTube movies.
  2. Facts of life void in Alabama
  3. At a conservative Estimate 97% of the people who saw this movie payed no attention to the facts of the movie, just Knut. The other 3% were terrorists who used the theater for planning attacks
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