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I am the almighty Andy Schalfly, Son of Phyllis, sole creator of Conservapedia.

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Yes, that's right. Not even He has homeschooled as many kids as I have.

I am a homeschooler. I have homeschooled so many people you can't even begin to imagine how many people I've homeschooled. SRZLY. Fucking millions. Not even joking. I even homeschooled myself. That's how good I am. I am the homeschooling GOD. All the kids I've homeschooled are in fact SO good, they're even TOO good for school. Their test scores are so high they reach the top and go back to zero and back to full marks and back to zero again. That's how good they are. And, most importantly, none of them grow up to be atheists or liberals. All of my kids make substantial edits on Conservapedia. SUBSTANTIAL EDITS. All their edits are well sourced. And what is the best source of information? You guessed it. The Holy Bible; but WAIT! Not the one you liberals are thinking about. That one is just too liberal. I bet it's not even homeschooled. I'm talking about the Conservative Bible.

Pikachuevolving This user does not believe in evolution preferring instead the alternate theory of Intelligent Design. This means they are not going to hell.
BS This userpage is bullshit.
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