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The Siege of Belgrtade
Headless chickens attack Belgrade
Conflict: The Siege of Belgrade
Date: July 14 1990-June 12 2020
Place: Belgrade
Outcome: Mayhem stikes belgrade for alot of time New Countrries independent
Newfie Yugoslav Nations Yugoslav Yugoslavia
Icons-flag-hr Erik Hoshaf, including
  • Icons-flag-hr Stalker Baloney
  • Albflag2 Pavajot Pano
  • 800px-Flag of Fyromistan.svg Juju Pasfart
  • Devided-bih-flag Sukarj Masko
  • Flag of Slovenia Mosmor Ataruk
  • British flag Mike Clooney
Yugoslav Some Random Yugoslav, including
  • Yugoslav Carlos Hoskur
  • Yugoslav Mamoth Toothbrush
10,000 civillans, 5000 Croatian soldiers, 2000 others, 60 nazis. 700 azeris, 70 burgers, 10 snails 600000 Yugoslavian Soldiers, 40000 Terrorists
3000 shot, 50 wounded 5 snails, 6000 dead, 10000 wounded, 20 civillas killed

The Siege of Belgrade was a battle fought by the Newfie Yugoslav Nations and Yugoslavia that the Newfies had won.But many people died from the Whopper.

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