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Battle of Ridgeway Pass
Car explosion
Uncyclopedian members bomb a Wikipedia car
Conflict: Battle of Ridgeway Pass
Date: September 12 - 27 2004
Place: Ridgeway Uncyclopedian Region
Outcome: Descive Uncyclopedian Victory
Uncyclopedia Wikipedia
Oscar Wilde, Charles Darwin, Mr.Pelican Shit, Jimbo Wales
100,000 troops, 700,000 volunteers, 2000 Pelicans 1 Millon Troops
555,000 died 645,897 killed, every one else wounded

The Battle of Ridgeway Pass was a Battle during the Invasion of Uncyclopedia, a conflict started by the Wikipedians, the Wikipedians later headed out to the Ridgeway Region. Located in the East of Uncyclopedia.

edit Initial Invasion

Wikipedia the movie14

Wikipedians head out to the Region

During the Wikipedian Invasion of Uncyclopedia, they headed out to Ridgeway. As they landed on Masa Beach off the Coast of West Wiki Island, wikipedians attacked. The Wikipedian army was strong after losing the Europides battle earlier. However, the Uncyclopedian army was ready and put up tanks to take out the Evil Wikipedian Forces with many Heavy-Arms. Initally, Uncyclopedian helicopters had attacked the Veichles and threatened to kill everybody. Despite major losses, the Uncyclopedia army was able to hold off the Wikipedian Forces.

edit The Battle

The Uncyclopedians were able to hold off the Wikipedia onslaught at Ridgeway pass in the same fashion that Leonidas held off the Persians at the Battle of Thermopylae, but without the dying part. As the Wikipedian army began to advance through Ridgeway Pass, the Uncyclopedians gathered at the top of the pass for a massive ambush. The Wikipedians were unable to predict the Uncyclopedian presence at Ridgeway pass, because their serious "knowledge" was unable to be used to correctly depict the actions of their nonserious Uncyclopedian foes. However, the Great Prophet Charles Darwin, foresaw that the wikipedians would make this mistake, and made sure to take advantage of their stupidity. At approximately 9:00am, the Uncyclopedians waiting for ambush opened fire, killing thousands of Wikipedians. However, this was simply not enough to halt the Wikipedian advance. Eventually, as the long line of Wikipedians penetrated deep through the gorge of Ridgeway Pass, the wikipedians finally made it out of the pass, and made for a small nearby village

edit Battle to the Streets

Manly Man

Wikipedian Soldiers looked like this

After leaving Masa Beach, wikipedians called for helicopters and went to the Small Village and Pillaged it. However, as the wikipedians began to leave, Uncyclopedia nuked what remained of the Wikipedian army.
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