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    my anti-drug

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Member of the Order
I am on leave sick too busy playing Xbox 360/Nintendo DS at skool school, and so will be on Uncyclopedia sporadically. If you're lonely, or you miss me, leave a message.
The smart quote of the moment is A wedding band is the smallest handcuff in the world.! Have a nice day!

This Smart Quote(TM) was brought to you by Bob

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"The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other guy die for his."

~ General George Patton

This a Some crazy guy coolquote.

“There's only a few things I'm completely sure of. One of them's that I'm completely nuts.”
~ Some crazy guy on himself
“****! He's completely nuts!”
~ Some crazy guy's psychiatrist on Some crazy guy
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edit Summary


What Some crazy guy had for breakfast yesterday.

This is my page although I don't understand why you would want to come here-there is no fun things to do, or prizes to win, etc. But I am crazy after all. The only sane thing I did was register. Now I get a cool badge. Have a nice day and watch for flying pigs.

edit Biography

Crazy guys1

Some crazy guy hitchiking with people holding a camera. He is the one sitting in the back.

edit Upbringing

Born sometime around 4545, Some crazy guy grew up in Auckland, New Zealand and would like to stress he is not a sheep. He was a sibling of the great Napoleon, not to mention Bob, and his sister, Some crazy girl(who would also like to stress the fact that she is not a sheep either). Attending the Nerdy Academy for up-and-coming geniuses, he was expelled for not tucking his shirt in. He then went to the Institute of the Interweb, earning diplomas in computer smashing and mathematics. He does not have a diploma in anything to do with writing-how else would he have succeded come to Uncyclopedia.

For those obsessed with the so-called experts, Some crazy guy also has a userpage on the English Wikipedia.

edit Hobbies

Him and his sister both have a passion for entertaining greeting cards, air guitar smashing, inter-sibling wrestling, and telling people they aren't sheep. That is where the similarities end. Some crazy guy enjoys threatening people about what happens when you talk about Chuck Norris on Uncyclopedia, really really really long periods with no commas,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,excessive comma usage, video games, kung fu, and that's it.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

Kicking ass

Some crazy guy practicing his kung fu skills.

THE END (Not Quite).

edit Site notices

  • List of things that will drive you crazy coming sometime near 2010. Hopefully.
  • Also, someone please delete this page. It used to be full of my userboxes, but now (as you can see on the left) they've all moved.
  • PS:If you haven't gone away by now, click here.

edit My Quest

I am on a quest to kill all the deadends in Uncyclopedia. You can help by pointing them out. Even though I am doing crap.

edit Awards

edit Psuedo-Awards

edit Contributions worth mentioning

These are the only two pages I have created (maybe). Please look at them and give me advice on how to improve them on my talk page. Do not vandalize them.

edit Supbages

Did you know...
that Subpages are in fact Supbages?
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