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Some Bozo is just, well, some bozo.

Oh, did I say I'd tell you what I consider funny? And what not? Well... I consider funny what makes me laugh. And I consider not funny what makes me cringe, in a bad way (puns can make me cringe, but in a good way).

Are there clear limits to (my) humor? Well, not really clear, but stuff to do with the Third Reich, Nazism, Fascism can become unfunny. But it can be funny. Sometimes in a painful way, but still funny.

Fun at someone's expense (minorities, handicapped, jews, asians, muslims) is usually not funny. Except when I know they can laugh about it (or I think they can... of course, even a jew can do some jewish joke that some jews will not find funny, but that's life)

All this seriousness on such a (mostly) funny site... but ask any comic/comedian/professional-funny-person, and they'll tell you that humor is a damn serious business, and lots of hard word.

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