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Cute sheep

Grazing Galium-rich meadows is said to make sheep more promiscuous.

Element 31, Ga, (from the FrenchPays-du-Galles) is an element first discovered in and highly concentrated in western Great Britain, especially Wales. The element is a dense, dull grey metal, difficult to image due to low cloud cover and persistent rain.

Until recent decades Gallium was easily found in coal mines and heavy engineering works but is now more frequently located in bookies shops and welfare queues. A sample of Gallium containing just ten atoms constitutes a “choir” and will emit a high-pitched screeching noise lethal to humans at fifty yards. Fifteen atoms makes an unstable macromolecule known as a “team”, but these repeatedly split up into eight-membered cyclic molecules called “scrummages” and linear molecules of varying length called “line-outs”. The maximum legal length of storage of a team of Gallium is two hours after which it must be safely disposed of by being dissolved in alcohol.

Gallium is only weakly diagmagnetic but is gravitationally attracted to both sheep and members of its own immediate family.

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