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When they took me away from my parents the Catholic Children's Home seemed the safest choice.

B is for Balls that bounce ever so high

Or hang in a sack that gets stuck on your thigh.

Stretch them and rub them. Lick one or two.

But don’t suck them for long or you get covered with goo.

B is for a Bad Boy who’s taken away,

When the police pay a visit and he studpily says,

He’ll show them some photos of him wearing nothing but skin,

With the shiny, red Balls of his Dad on his chin.


Father John said fruit was good for wicked, little boys.

B is for Balloon that gets filled up with gas,

And the "Banana" Father John puts up my ass.

And B is for Back which gets ever so sore,

When he rides me Bareback 'til my knees are rubbed raw.

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