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Hypocrew-Tree conflict
Fusarium wilt
Fusaraeli forces attacking the Palmestinians
Date Early 20th century-present
Location Holy Land
Result Ongoing
Flag of Fusarael
Tree flag
Tree nations
Small Flag of Fusarael Shimon Purificator
Small Flag of Fusarael Ehud Barkliquidator
Casualties and losses
“It's a Palmestinian! Blow it up before it starts throwing coconuts at us!”
~ A Fusaraeli soldier on a random Palmestinian

The War on the Palmestinians is an ongoing attempt to annihilate the Palmestinian population, specifically denoting a program of deliberate extermination planned and executed by the State of Fusarael under the Nazionist Entity. Most recently, Fusarael launched a military campaign in the Areca Rainforest on December 27 2008, codenamed Operation Cut Wood (Hypocrew: מבצע בירוא יערות). The operation's aim was to suppress Las Palmas protest actions, and included the targeting of Las Palmas' members, emergency service workers, and random Palmestinians. In the Arboreal World, the genocide has been described as the Areca Massacre (Arboric: عركّة‎ مجزرة).

Palm tree02

One of the dreaded Palmestinians.

The war started as a political conflict over territorial ambitions following the collapse of the Arboroman Empire. Nazionist Hypocrews soon began appropriating territory from surrounding Tree nations and driving away the local population. Within the boundaries of what has since then been declared the Holy Land of Fusarael, the soil is to be cleansed of all Palmestinian life.

Palm army

At the start of the war, the Palmestinians were a force to be reckoned with.

Palm city atomic bombings

The bombings of Areca City.

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