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1966 Twister Cover

Twister commonly precedes various sexually tainted activities. Here we see mister Harrison getting into the position to thrust his member into Lucy's mouth and at the same time preparing to eat her pussy. Additionally, the two men in the back are about to rape the brunette to the right.

Twister is a hilarious[1] game made to allow male participants to surprise-sex female participants with the simple excuse of "Oops! My pants slipped off!"[2] The game involves a long, hard spinner deciding which appendage goes where.[3] Additionally, the game is played on a plastic mat to augment the slipping rate of participants so as to maximize the potential for accidental intimateness, as well as to shield the floor from potential stains.

edit History

Like all good leisure activities, Twister was invented when a couple guys were bored out of there minds and auto-eroticism failed to relieve them of their boredom. On a fateful afternoon in the year 1966, Charles F. Foley and Neil Rabens thought to themselves "I wish there was some inconspicuous way of roping a girl into doing this so I won't need to get my hands dirty." Soon enough, they set their imaginative minds to work and came up with Twister. The game soon revolutionized the market of party board games and proponents were endorsing it as "sex in a box". For some reason, detractors also called it "sex in a box", which they considered a bad thing for some reason.

edit Footnotes

  1. Just look at all those happy people laughing in the picture to the right!
  2. Which is an actual possibility, given the variety of poses the game requires you to take.
  3. Obviously symbolizing male dominance in society.
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