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The Land Before Time is a series of animated films featuring anthropomorphic celestial bodies living in a somewhat fantasy-based version of the young universe. The films center around the adventures of Littledust, a young nebula, and his friends as they struggle to survive in a post-Big Bang universe and reunite with their parents and old friends. Funkmaster George Clinton has said, in an interview, that the series was the inspiration for the Parliament song Starchild.

edit Original plot

Omega Nebula

Littledust's mother sacrifices her life to save her son and his girlfriend.

The first film[1] starts with a narrator explaining that a violent inflation is occurring. To escape it the celestial bodies are migrating in search of the "Great Supercluster", a luminous, Utopian area in the vastness of space where astronomical entities can peacefully coexist. A "Largecloud" (Nebula) herd gives birth to a single baby, named Littledust. As he grows older, his mother tells him of the Great Supercluster, and tells him of the prejudice between the different astronomical species when he tries to play with a "Flasher" (Pulsar) girl named Stella, but her father stops him. That night, Stella and Littledust meet again and play together for a while until an "Oblivionator" (Black hole) attacks. Littledust's mother intervenes, battling with the Oblivionator and suffering severe injuries, but managing to defeat it by hurtling it away into the unknown darkness of outer space. Littledust and his mother are separated, but he eventually finds her, fatally injured. Just before she dies, she tells him she will always be with him, in his heart.

Feeling depressed and confused, Littledust accidentally falls down a wormhole, where he meets an old red dwarf, who consoles him upon learning of his mother's death. After mourning for some time, Littledust hears his mother speak to him through his heart, and she reminds him how to reach the Great Supercluster. Soon after, he finds Stella and asks her to join him, but she refuses. He later meets a cheerful "Tinyyellow" (G-type main sequence star) named Sunny, who asks to join him. As they travel, they encounter an angsty "Whitetail" (Comet) named Shootie, who joins them on their quest. Meanwhile, Stella encounters an inactive Oblivionator, whom she believes to be dead, and twirls around mischievously, though this accidentally awakens him. As she flees, she meets up with the others and warns them about the Oblivionator. Littledust doesn't believe her, being convinced that the Oblivionator who killed his mother is dead. As Stella describes the encounter (exaggerating her bravery) she accidentally throws Sunny out of orbit and she ends up near a hatching "Bigred" (Red giant). Sunny names him Big and takes him with her to the troupe.

As they continue their quest to find the Great Supercluster, Stella remains aloof and arrogant, boasting that she is independent, but when Littledust finds a suitable resting place, she, along with the others, gravitates to Littledust's cozy little galaxy for warmth and companionship. Their rest is of short duration, however. The Oblivionator abruptly awakens them and they narrowly manage to escape through a small wormhole. Appearing at the other side of the wormhole, they discover the since long decayed body of a Largecloud mentioned by Littledust's mother. Although they pass other landmarks she mentioned, such as a string of supernovae, Stella grows impatient as the search fails to yield any results

edit Footnotes

  1. We will predominantly treat the first film, since it was way more epic and dramatic than the sequels that followed it.
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