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The Deer Hunter
Awards Best Picture, 1987
Rating R
Starring Edward Belic.
Director Ronald Edwards
Based on An actual account of Nazi torture in Northern Belgium
Media Attention A Lot

The Deer Hunter is a 1987 American war film based on an account of Nazism in the small Belgian town of DeQuosen.

edit Plot

The plot is comprised of two acts, I and II.

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edit Act I

The movie starts out as an interview with Pierre DeForrest, an 80 year old man that witnessed his mother and father being killed by the Gestapo, the Nazi German secret police. Then, the plot goes into flashback to 1943 Occupied Belgium. The main character, Pierre, is walking through the street and witnessed the Gestapo interrogating and beating an old man. Then, and officer walks in with a medical bag, a brief shriek pierces the air and the officer walks out. Pierre runs, and a Gestapo officer runs after him. Pierre takes a corner

The gas raid.

and the Gestapo officer runs by the alley. Pierre manages to get home to his parents, who plan to leave for England in a week. The Gestapo, back at their regional HQ, are planning to raid the town, for the final solution order has been given.

They are seen loading a truck with Sarin rounds (sarin is a lethal nerve agent based on the tabun gas agent). A day later the raid starts and sarin artillery shells are dropped on the town killing all but a few inhabitants (Pierre and his family, among others). The Deer Hunter (A.K.A. The Gestapo officer) is seen entering the town with a troop of SS officers to kill the rest off. The scene goes back to Pierre, who is in the corner, gasping for air for he has had a small dose of sarin gas. The Deer Hunter enters the house next door, and Pierre's parents urge themselves to get up and leave their home. As they are leaving, the door explodes and German troops run into the den, with MP-40's blazing. The family gets out he back door; Pierre's mother trips and the father goes back to get her, for she was weakened by the gas attack. Pierre's father tell Pierre to run, and he runs; Yet, his parent's lay there as The Deer Hunter pulls out a magnum and shoots both parents, in front of Pierre.

edit Act II

The scene changes to a burning villiage in Holland in 1944, as the United Kindom and the U.S. launch Market Garden. Pierre is currently hold up in a windmill hiding with a Jewish family, who is also on the run. He looks out the window and sees a troop of Nazis firing an MG-42 on a troop of demolitions men from the English third army. he finds a shotgun (don't ask, he just found it) in a pile of machine parts. He walks out, trying to be subtle, and shoots the gunner and the ammunition loader. The Englishmen move forward and Pierre runs. A German SS platoon is coming in the direction of the windmill and Pierre ducks into the

Battle scene photographed somewhere in the Ardennes.

bushes. He pulls part of the brush open and watches the platoon pass; as he watches, he sees the Deer Hunter and anger fills him. Once the troop had passed, he followed the small platoon all the way back to the little hamlet. A tiger is firing a machine gun at an American squad pinned down by a small cottage, so he uses that as a distraction to get back to the windmill; when he gets inside, he is horrified by what he had saw: the family had been executed. The anger is tearing through him by now and he wishes to seek out the murderous bastard. just then there is a pounding going on behind him; he has been found. He picks up the shotgun and hides behind a couple crates, and the Germans set up a gun position in the window, but then the Deer Hunter Walks up the stairs. That was his chance; he pulled out the weapon and threw a stone downstairs. The Deer Hunter goes downstairs to discover the source of the noise. Pierre follows him, and the officer turns around only to have his face filled with lead. Pierre runs out the door and hides until he is found by American troops who had driven back the Germans to a bridge on the other side of the area. There afterward, he finds out that the Deer Hunter was a wanted man by the French and Polish MP's. He is then sent to England where he learns English, and finishes his life.

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