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Images used

edit Roman Dog Bird parodies

--Opengirl Sockpuppet of an Unregistered User Opengirl

--Zombie Bettie Page Hi-ya! I'M A COCKSOCKING WHITE BITCH Zombie Bettie Page

--Marilyn Monroe S.U.U. Tired Marilyn Monroe

edit RAHB parody

- Sexy spinning girlsSOAUUSexy spinning girls

edit The Woodburninator parodies

Sockpuppet of an unregistered user (socktalk) (sockstalk)

Socky On Fire! Sock burningTalking Socky Stalking Socky

edit MrN9000 parody

SockUU Icons-flag-be 23px-The-eye-of-sauron.jpg25px-Audrina_Patridge_boobies.JPG

edit Orian57 parody

~Sockpuppet of an unregistered user~Talk~Sexy girls

   Socky    Shut up!   Icons-flag-be

edit Mordillo parody


edit Dr. Skullthumper parody

 No Siree Sockpuppet of an unregistered user, PhD (criticize • writings)

edit Mahm00shA parody

Socky Is Too Cool For Colour Sig Belgium_orb_spinning.gif

edit Syndrome parody

--Sir SOCKPUPPET KUN destroy self-esteem


edit Tagstit parody

edit Hyperbole parody

edit Luvvy parody

==Gerrycheevers parody==

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