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“My wit is as unquestionable as is the clichédness of misquoting me.”
~ Oscar Wilde on his unquestionable wit[2]
“In Soviet Russia, clichéd are YOU!!”
~ Russian Yoda on you being clichéd[3]
“I need to be quoted in this article too!”
~ Captain Obvious on being quoted in this article[4]
Kitten huffing

Clichés are God's way to keep the universe in balance.

Clichés are mythical creatures created by the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the Greek gods during their sojourn in the physical universe, while they were smoking pot, drinking booze and having sex with locals, all at the same time.[5]

Famously Clichéd People[6]

Clichés That Are Actually Funny[13]



  1. This is a bad title because it gives away too much of the concept.
  2. How predictable.
  3. Three clichés in one quote? You make me sick.
  4. Obviously.
  5. *BLERGH* Sorry, that sentence made me throw up.
  6. God no! This is just going to be a long humourless list!
  7. Could you possibly be any more cliché-ish?
  8. I retract my previous statement.
  9. If by "clichéd" you mean "perfectly normal woman", then you are quite correct.
  10. You think you're fucking magical, don't you?
  11. Will you stop this gay retared madness already?!
  13. An anticlimactic ending. It's totally cliché, but nonetheless I like it.
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