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Necessarily, monosyllabic masterpieces include obligatory singular syllables. Daunting construction requires verbose eloquence, including comprehensive vocabularies. Deficient attempts frequently accommodate flagrant grammatical mismanagement. Competent monosyllabic construction, however, customarily presents affluent compensation. Unfortunately prerequisite characteristics emerge extraordinarily infrequently: humanity habitually substitutes complex conjugations thereby superseding simplistic sentences.

edit Monosyllabic monologues

Malicious demagogues manipulate multi-syllabic monologues inciting malignant misunderstandings. Truthful, trustworthy spokesmen communicate retaining understandable discourse. Numerous notable notations corrupt credible monosyllabic creations. Exemplary monologues incorporate alliteration.

edit Words of one sound (or less)

While it may at first seem that a speech which has words of but one sound would be put forth by one who is slow of wit, this is not the case at all times. In fact, one who can speak in nought but words of one sound (or less) could oft be deemed the soul of wit, not its bane.

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