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This is a list of plot holes in animes and is thus by definition incomplete.

edit Akira

edit Elfen Lied

edit Metropolis


The imagery is pretty awesome, though.

edit Murder Princess

Murder Princess is set in a quasi-magical world with various kinds of monsters, robots and other weird creatures. Though there are a couple magical elements in it, most of them aren't that problematic. There's one thing that stands out, however. When Alita (the princess) and Falis (a female bounty hunter) fall off a cliff together, they magically switch souls. It's almost as if the writer was too lazy to come up with a whole psychological backstory explaining how a princess develops exceptional fighting skills and murderous tendencies. Instead, he just puts the soul of a ruthless killer in the body of a princess and thinks "Alright, now I've got the title covered." It's also convenient because it establishes a bond between the two characters, so they can develop this lesbian thing for each other. Now, the soul switchery thing isn't actually that problematic at the start of the story, as the anime features a lot of other magical stuff. But at the end, it's revealed that all the magical elements are actually relics from an old vastly technologically superior world. It explains pretty much every magical thing you see in the show, except for one thing. The soul switchery thing. There's other questionable stuff too. Like the princesses, and exclusively the princesses, of a certain royal dynasty being the key to some technological paradise. It also makes perfect sense that the princess's peace-loving brother wants to end all wars through annihilating the whole fucking world.

edit My-Otome

Surprisingly similar to Murder Princess in much of its premise. They even come up with a scientific-sounding reason why only virgin girls can have superpowers that's really hilarious and nonsensical when you think about it: The powers come from nanomachines and for some reason prostate specific antigen (something only found in males) causes a person's body to develop immunity against these nanomachines. Also, sexual intercourse would infect the Otome with this manliness antigen, so that's a big no-no as well. Lol. I wonder if it's a coincidence that the mechanical monster the protagonists face in the first episode has his main weapon where his dick would be expected to be. Japanese people are weird.

edit Neon Genesis Evangelion

Mechas. Emotionally dysfunctional people. Boobs.

edit Steamboy

edit Yakitate!! Japan

Bread! And boobs too, probably.

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