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“I am pleased. I'm very pleased.”
~ Adolf Hitler on Lili's racism
“Meh, she'd look better as a boy.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Lili's appeal to Hitler
“Is she legal or something?”
~ Some pedophile on the internet
“She still owes us money for the cocain we gave her.”

Lili RockForth, before kicking a pesant in the face

edit Story

edit Introduction

Emilie [Lili] Roucheford, more commonly known as LILI-6 is the current inheritant of the wealth of Monaco and the ruler of 'pesant inc.' Society. She was created because Harada is a fucking perv. Development of the line of Lili humanoid models began in 2004 in a confined area of NGBI headquarters. In order for the models to function properly, Harada (and Harada alone according to him) had to rape each one for approximately 20 minutes.

edit Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

The first version of Lili was not able to make the final product of Tekken 5. So in order for Harada to think an expansion would be worthwhile, he took Armor King, and then newcomer Sergei Dragunov out of the final build. A week later, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection released, featuring Lili, a 12 year old millionaire prostitute who was so cheap, even Jinpaachi Mishima complained about her.

edit Tekken 6

Lili 2.0 was released for Tekken 6, with Harada stating that she would be "cheaper and bitchier than ever". His commitments were fulfilled, as Lili would manage to defeat opponents in an average of 5 seconds per round. She also had many new features such as fly, produce TV shows, shit uranium. Lili was also available in a "13 year old slut bride" attire in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. Lili also grew to 6 feet.

edit Tekken Tag Tournament 2

The third version of the Lili line of robots will sport many new features. Harada has stated on Twitter that the new line of Lili will be as high as ten feet tall and speak French. Rumor has it that this new iteration of Lili will also impliment an "auto win" feature, which the player could only press one button to instantly win the round. The U.S. Army grew interest in purchasing several new Lili models to help in their harvesting project on the planet Pandora.

edit Things you did not know

edit Scandal

Days after the King of Iron Fist Tournament had ended, news from the tournament headlined every tabloid in the USA. One of those news was a scandal involving Lili Rock-fort. It happened in the lockeroom in one the tournament's arenas. It just so happened that Christie, Lili and Ling had all been deafeated in the tournament and so they all in the same lockeroom. Lili was upset knowing that one of the asian girls who broke her record was there with her. They talked it out but a catfight quickly ensued. Christy who had been worrying about her sex symbol status being in danger because of those two, joined the fray. Luckily a high profile Maxim photographer just so happened to be there in the lockeroom and was able to take pictures of this scandal.

The battle of Maximus Endimus
Lili VS Ling Lili VS Christie
A ferocious battle, yet ended in beauty. Rated R for 'Rape'.

edit Hero Career

Shortly after the King of Iron Fist Tournament, Lili came back home to Monaco. Upon hearing from her butler Sebastian that the city was in turmoil, and that the crime rate had gone up 1%, she took on the task of being the city's defender against crime. Large number of bodies identified as criminals of the town were later discovered in the sewers where they were all killed.

In her career she faced many foes but none as were as memorable as Kunimitsu the recycled Tekken fighter who met her demise due to bad decision making by Namco by having the likes of people like Bob in Tekken 6. "Argh!" was her answer to the press. These battle were later told in forms of comic books and movies, with most notably 'The Battle of the Boobiez' which sold about 10,000,000 cents and recirved 10 oscars. Nurces would later tell the orphans many tails about "Sister Lili".

Sadly her career was short, but the city of Monaco is forever in her debt(which they later paid by $10,000 cash). The city is still, of course, planning on a certain carnival for miss Lili after her return from the 11th tournament.

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