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Imagine this being put in a blender and a blob of Pokémonness coming out and somehow still being able to act coherently. Now multiply that by a billion. Now you're almost starting to understand the insanity that is Legion.

Legion, known as Gundan (軍団) in Japan,[1] is the amalgam of all Pokémon species cramped inside a single body. The Pokémon Bible outlines an encounter where Ash released all the Pokémon from their cobbled together existence and thus kick-started the Pokémon franchise.

edit In the Bible

The Book of Dawn, 6:9, describes the following scene taking place in the mysterious suburbs of Glitch City:

Once upon a time, Ash was wondering around in Glitch City. Suddenly, a wild Legion appeared! Ash used Pokédex. Pokédex identified the Pokémon as "This Pokémon is known as Legion: for they are many. So many. Too many!" Pokédex exploded. Ash threw a Master Ball! Legion used Shoop Da Whoop and incinerated the Master Ball. Ash used Boring Speech. It's super effective! Legion fell asleep! Legion is fast asleep! Ash threw a Master Ball! All right! Legion was caught! Ash nicknamed Legion "Huge fucking blob of Pokémon madness." Legion is offended by this nickname. Legion used Creation Of Pokémon Franchise. It's super effective! Legion exploded into tiny bits, blowing the Master Ball to pieces in the process. Pokémon rained down from the skies for forty days and forty nights. Inspired by Legion's sacrifice, Ash decided he had to catch all the Pokémon and become the ultimate Pokémon Master![2]

edit Traditional interpretation

edit Footnotes

  1. Gundan is Japanese for army. Feel free to confuse it with Gundam.
  2. During the battle scenes, the Pokémon Bible would play this enticing little tune, to make it less boring.
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