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Not to be confused with the Archaeozoic Eon, which was intentionally renamed "Archean Eon" to cause further confusion.

Archaea (meaning "old things") are a group of single-celled microorganisms that substitute one of the three acknowledged domains of life.[1] Originally called Archaebacteria (meaning "old rod-shaped things"), the taxonomists later dropped the "bacteri" part of the name when they learned these microorganisms are more closely related to us[2] than to any of the species belonging to the Bacteria taxon.[3]

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No archaea are known to occur on the lower extremities of human beings, so if your feet are notably smelly, please place the blame on bacteria, fungi or your lack of proper hygiene.

  1. I say "acknowledged" because there are obviously domains of life not commonly acknowledged by biologists, like robots, or energetic clouds of gas, or internet memes, or chupacabra-Bigfoot hybrids. Well, maybe not that last one.
  2. Or to be less specific, Eukaryota (meaning "nice nuts") in general.
  3. This was obviously done so they could make fun of any creationists accusing them of claiming humans evolved from bacteria.
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