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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Satan?

Scary, isn't it?

666 is the number referred to in Christian theology as, "the scary bad thing". It is generally accepted under this dogma that "6" is the worst number and "3" is the best number, ergo, 666 = "the best worst thing". The faulty logic of this was most likely due to the fact that the German monks in charge of numbers got stoned off their asses during the dark ages, thus creating this fear of an obscure three digit number.

edit Origins


These guys got into some craaaaazzzzyyy shit.

In 1103, Hans Gudenmeister-Schroff decided that being a monk had serious downsides, one of which being the total lack of lady monks, or "lad-onks". Keeping this in mind, he smuggled a metric fuckton of grass from Amsterdam to his abbey in Guttenbergeshpiel. His hope was that some hot, barely legal backpackers trying to "find themselves" would be attracted by the prospect of free pot in exchange for some mild groping. When this turned out to be a bust, the monks had roughly one week before the cops showed up to get rid of all the evidence. The following reefer bender was described with varying extremes by those who later recounted it, but three things were certain.

1. The secret to eternal life was lost when Johannes Hingledinglegrogenteister was looking for papers.

2. The unicorn holding pens were released, thus causing a massive pest problem for the local peasants.

3. Hans Gudenmeister-Schroff thought it would be, um, killer if there was this number that could be blamed for sin and evil and *cough*, so that, you know, people could just avoid it and spread the love, man. Hey, Johannes, 'the fuck is Satan's kid doing here?

edit Legacy

Many believed that Ronald Wilson Reagan was the Anti-Christ due to his three names each having six letters. Others were suspicious of his steady diet of jellybeans and Christian baby hearts.

Baby Research

Ronny once remarked that if they could keep the baby alive to see him eat, it would be even better than jellybeans.

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