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Issue XI of the 1998 BC Solstice Edition remains a fan favourite and popular amongst collectors.

2000 BC is universally known as the World's Oldest Comic with its first edition appearing over three thousand years before the Bayeux Tapestry. The comic featured a number of popular characters, often later confused with mythological tales of the same era, but also focused on many events of the period within which it was published.

The comic would run for nearly a hundred years before it became financially unviable due to the high cost of chiselling detailed comic strips onto rocks as well as the huge transportation costs involved.

edit HistoricalPrehistorical Context

The period in which the comic first appears was a transitional one for many cultures and this is reflected within many of the storylines within the comic strips. The change from the Neolithic through to the early parts of the Bronze Age was a major jolt for many. With the focus on crops and animal husbandry people had more time to engage in leisuretime than when hunter/gatherers, which provided the platform for activities such as comics, as well as murdering individuals from the neighbouring tribe.

edit Featured Characters from Strips

Anubis crafty feel

A popular strip featured Johnny Al Pharaoh, Strontium Jackal.

Drudge Dredd: Some antihero-bruteish person.

Paine in the Ass: Get it?

Johnny Al Pharaoh: Egyptian God.

Rogue Pooper: The name says it all.

ΑΒΓ Warriors: Greek warriors.

Bronze Boobs: Fan service.

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