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For the Belgian comicbook character, see Tintin.
The planet that desperately needs saving.

10:10 is this nice little project about saving the planet by cutting our carbon emissions by 10%. A great idea, right? Well, of course it is! And that's why over 90,000 people, more than 3,000 businesses, beyond 1,900 educational institutions and exceeding 2,000 other organisations have already signed up to help save the planet!

This brilliant campaign was founded in September 2009 by Franny Armstrong, full-time genius and director of The Age of Stupid. Since founding the campaign, her glowing example has inspired a multitude of politicians and celebrities to join the 10:10 cause.

10:10 was doing great, but all that changed after...

edit No Pressure

Eco-terrorism fantasy film No Pressure03:59

Eco-terrorism fantasy film No Pressure


Franny and her good friend Richard Curtis decided to put their heads together and think of a short film that'd be so revolutionary it would make people puke. They were quite successful, as it turns out.

However, they failed to realize their secondary goal, as they somehow didn't manage to convince people that joining 10:10 would be a smart move. While they were busy stuffing their movie full of blood and gore, they forgot that, while people definitely love blood and gore, they're also extremely paranoid when communism is involved.

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