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edit Hey you!

Yeah you the human with that horrible deformity you call a face read this page or I'll contact the police

and tell them about that sick hobby you have, you know that strange fetish you have involving small animal's, anyways now that we are on the same page let me tell you some stuff.

First off I am what you might call a troll though I beg to differ, what I do isn't out of malevolence or boredom but do to a little thing called nature. Now you must still think I'm a bad guy for having to blackmail you into reading this, but if it weren't for me you would've had to hang out with your family or god forbid violating some small animal.

edit My life

Let's see, it all began a long time ago, don't know how long ago to be honest so I'll let you use your imagination, know what on second thought don't use your imagination. My life is vastly different than yours and I've done things that will make you seem like you wasted your life such as dropping out of school so I could enjoy my life of watching television and sleeping, sometimes week's at a time.

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