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His Dirtiness.

Born in the second of the only two known cases of lovemaking between woman and messenger of God, Rustel Heath Dirtholomew was raised in a horse stable in Bruklin, Palestine by his teenage mother in the late 19th century. The product of a drunken Ouija board session that resulted in the pregnancy of his mother, Beatrice Dirtholomew, by an equally inebriated seraphim, the man posthumously known as Ol' Dirty Bastard (or Saint ODB) in fact had no mortal father.

edit The Unsanitary Early Years

In his youth, ODB never felt shortchanged by his lack of a father, as by virtue of his divine birth he wielded the gift of miracle-making. It was at the age of 8 when he would discover this gift, when he inadvertently cured the terminal lisp of a fellow playmate who drank from a cup of Henessy-flavored Kool-Aid ODB had been drinking. Word of this miraculous work quickly spread throughout the land, and the young ODB was soon heralded as a Chosen Child of God. Along with this, he was also known as psycho-neurotic lunatic for his erratic behavior and incoherent speech.

edit Filthy Young Manhood

Having already established himself as a demi-holy incarnate, ODB decided to search for more productive means to devote his teen years to than inciting violent incidents at bars and inflicting physical harm upon himself in cocaine-induced fits of rage. It was at the age of 25 when ODB would meet the high abbot of a secluded Tibetan temple named the RZA, who had heard of his miracle and saw his ability as profitable. ODB was welcomed with open arms into the RZA’s Rasta splinter cult called the Wu Tang Clan. With the new found support of his Wu Tang brothers, he was then able to make public the truth of his birth without the fear of being castigated for blasphemy, and made frequent references to the similarity of his birth to that of Jesus Christ when interviewed by the press, or when wallowing in his own alcohol-saturated vomit in red-light district alleyways.

edit The Second Miracle of Dirty

At the age of 29, ODB saved the life of a 3 year-old girl trapped under an overturned automobile. Eyewitness accounts vary, but the most widely believed of them is that he used Jedi mind power similar to that of Yoda to telekinetically lift the automobile and turn it back on its wheels, after which he promptly hotwired the car and fled away from the scene until he was stopped by police while doing donuts in a rhubarb patch. Several bags containing what ODB described as "oatmeal" and "Montana Mishmash" were found in the vehicle. After this incident, it became apparent that ODB's purpose in life was to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the world's children, born and unborn, a conviction that he would repeat himself during various inappropriate occasions, most memorably during his cameo in James Cameroon's epic, How ODB Sunk the Titanic.

edit The Squalid Death of Dirty

Envied for his unearthly abilities, and loathed by millions for jack-assedness, ODB was persecuted and dealt an unjust death sentence at the age of 33 on trumped up charges of heresy. Ending his life by ritual seppuku, ODB left mankind with the enigmatic declaration of "Fuck, this shit hurt".

edit Posthumous Miracles and Sightings

  • On March 24, 1969 in a hair salon in Ecuador, over 200 locals witness the oozing of a brown liquid from the rear end of a PVC Saint ODB idol enshrined behind the cash register. This incident would come to be known as the "Brother Dirty Shits for Us" incident, and the idol draws thousands of devout pilgrims to the site every year to the present.
  • On November 1st, 1988, drunken fraternity brothers of a Midwest American college report seeing a black man said to resemble Saint OBD dressed in a "magnificent robe of light" who threatened them that he would not make a "second coming" until he was provided with a "trinity of big-booty bitches". Reports were ignored by local police and the story exists today as only an urban legend.
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