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Bob 1: Well, it’s a beautiful day here in Sunnyville, U.S.A. today and we’ve got a maximum capacity crowd on hand! You can just feel the electricity in the air! How are things with you there, Bob? Fantastic weather today, isn’t it?

Bob 2: It sure is, Bob! There's a shitload of excitement in the crowd today!

Bob 1: All right, I think the festivities are just about ready to begin and –

…Wait now, what’s this? There appears to be a flying object circling above!

Bob 2: There sure does, Bob!

Bob 1: Is it a UFO? Is it a military weather balloon?

…..No, it appears to be an fiery harbinger of doom, promising the imminent decimation of the earth and all of its inhabitants!

Bob 2: And the crowd goes wild!


Bob 1: Okay, Bob! Now that the fate of humanity has been sealed, let’s get on with the big extravaganza! I think we’re all in for a treat today as –

…Wait, what’s this? Two men in boxing gloves appear to be squaring off in the squared circle!

…If my eyes don’t fail me, it appears to be none other than the legendary MOHAMMAD ALI AND JOE FRAZIER! Look at them go at it, just like back in their prime!

Bob 2: And the crowd goes wild!


Bob 1: Hold on a second… After a closer look it appears it was in fact NOT Mohammad Ali and Joe Frazier.

…It turns out it was nothing more than a stray cat batting around a pinecone! My bad, people!


Bob 1: But wait, it turns out the cat was a lolcat!

Bob 2: And the crowd goes wild!


Bob 1: Ha ha ha! Everyone loves the lolcats, don’t they, Bob?

Bob 2: They sure do, Bob!

Bob 1: Okay, getting back on track now! ...Huh?

…What’s this? It appears that none other than the Savior of the Earth, Son of Man, King of Kings Jesus Christ is with us today! Huzzah the Second Coming!

Bob 2: And the crowd go—

Bob 1: Not so fast, Bob! That’s not it! It appears that Jesus Christ is placing his hands on a fallen man’s head! The man appears to be dead!

…Can we anticipate Jesus’ patented Raise from the Dead technique today?

Bob 2: I think we can, Bob!

Bob 1: Jesus still has his hands on the man….

…The dead man is stirring! He’s is slowly coming to his feet! I can’t make out his face…

…What’s this? Could it be true!

…YES! Jesus Christ has just brought to life none other than rap sensation, TUPAC SHAKUR!


Bob 1: …Oh wait, I must have been mistaken! I can see his face better now.

…I must make a correction; the man Jesus Christ has just resurrected is none other than DC Comics’ invincible defender of justice, you all know and love him, it’s SUPERMAN!

Bob 2: And the crowd goes wild!


Bob 1: Everyone give it up for the Man of Steel!
I know I’m stating the obvious, Bob, but that guy has really got some nice pecs on him!

Bob 2: He sure does, Bob!

Bob 1: Alrighty then, now I think it’s time for –

…Wait, what’s this? It appears that your mom is here and she’s going to put on a show for us! That sure is one hot mom you’ve got there, Bob!

Bob 2: She sure is, Bob!

Bob 1: Oh! It looks like your mom has a < > and is about to < >
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