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To Do:

Finish the requisite nine Doctor articles. Current breakdown

Then create articles on the "real" Doctor Who actors asserting that they are the appropriate people.

Continue updating Doctor Who to reflect.

Move Doctor Who to The Doctor at the appropriate moment (When this particular MAD SCHEME has taken over sufficiently).

Somehow connect Dr Phil to this.

edit Dr. Dre

Need to do Eazy-E and redo Snoop Dogg and Eminem to reflect Doctor Who. This is not hard, as these articles are not actually very funny.

Need to do Mary Whitehouse and work Doctor Who into Tipper Gore.

Exterminate people who disagree with these changes.

edit Monsters and Expanded Stuff

Having decided that Doctor Who is from Klingon, the article needs to be rewritten. Again easy, as it is not particularly funny. Create article at Time Lords and Gallifrey that is about the Klingons. Oh what fun.

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