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This is THE Official Uncyclopedia Home Page of Smuggler!

  1. On it you can see there's some hyperlinks which will take you to all of the pages I wrote.
  2. If one wishes to leave messages for me, don't use this/don't post to this page. Instead, post to the page that reads "My Talk" (it's up top, way up there).
  3. There's a place where I have pasted "code" examples (so that I can "copy & paste" them when I need 'em & need 'em quickly).
  4. I have a "To Do List" @ the bottom. Many articles/pages need re-writes/fine tuning.
  5. There's some images on the side & the code I use to insert 'em into articles.

Oh, here's a little bit about me: Smuggler resides in Lost Angeles where he is currently working in hospitals. Smuggler prefers Runescape to work, and UnCylcopedia and UnNews to just about any other place he's ever visited in Cyber-land.

Foolitzer Foolitzer Prize Winner November 2009

Major works

Smuggler's significant contributions to UnNews::

Running Theme: Sinaloa Dance Cartel

UnNews:Well armed dancers lose battles but raise fears of open dance warfare in Mexico

UnNews:Sinaloa dance cartel wins Juarez turf war

UnNews:Sinaloa Dance Cartel member held

UnNews:Sinaloa Dance Cartel hiring fair

UnNews:NYC gang sweep nets Sinaloa Dance Cartel


Running Theme: Fruits and Vegetables of Wrath:

UnNews:"Pineapples_of_Wrath"? UnNews:Lost_John_Steinbeck_novel_discovered

Running Theme: Police Blotter


Running Theme: Hot Property


Running Theme: Squirrels


Running Theme: Sports

UnNews:Lakers_Win_NBA_Championship UnNews:USA_Women's_Team_Swimmer_Disqualified UnNews:USA_Men's_Olympic_Fencing_Team_Disqualified

UnNews:Gina_the_No-Headed_Gymnast_Olympic_Ready UnNews:British_Unveil_2012_Olympics_Security_Measures UnNews:Low_Tide_strands_Man UnNews:Lakers_Win_NBA_Championship UnNews:Scuba_Football_League_tryouts UnNews:Lost_Scuba_Divers_Survive_Deadly_Dragon UnNews:Scuba_Football_League_tryouts

Running Theme: Celebs, Show Biz

UnNews:Adam_Carolla_"Drinking_with_the_Stars!" UnNews:Country_Bear_Jamboree_Sweeps_Grammys UnNews:TVs_'Drinking_With_the_Stars'_is_back_on_top

Running Theme: Weather/Vegetables/Animals

UnNews:Wienerdog_in_Banana_Costume_Convention UnNews:Deadly_Tomatoes_Rip_Through_Arkansas UnNews:Strange_Looking_Animal_Found_in_Chico_California_Backyard UnNews:World's_Smallest_Snake_Found UnNews:Dog_on_Rooftop_Threatens_to_Jump! UnNews:PETA_Boycotts_Wienerschnitzel UnNews:Shy_Cow_Disease_outbreak_feared. Pogo_Snake [[1]] UnNews:AAA:_Animal_Alcoholics_Anonymous UnNews:Police_Suspect_Guilty-looking_Puppy_Dog UnNews:PETA_Boycotts_Wienerschnitzel UnNews:Dog_on_Rooftop_Threatens_to_Jump! UnNews:Shy_Cow_Disease_outbreak_feared. UnNews:Squirrel_deported,_owner_despondent

Running Theme: Working/Workforce/Employments

UnNews:Dental_Hygienists_Release_Job_Stimulus_Efforts:_Stop_taking_care_of_your_teeth! UnNews:Lightweight_Car_made_entirely_of_airbags_in_place_of_body

Running Theme: Political

UnNews:McCain selects Arthur Fonzarelli as running_mate UnNews:Schwarzenegger Plans to Mutilate State Controller over Pay Cuts

UnNews:Man fools death then death fools man

UnNews:North Korea's Hotel of Doom wakes from its coma

UnNews:Iranian missile test photo_digitally altered

UnNews:Obama keeps Troops in Iraq: Dems happy. UnNews:County clerk race too close to call UnNews:DWP Snags in Beijing Addressed UnNews:Society of Odd Nomenclature formed UnNews:Vietnam to Change Name of Currency UnNews:Alcohol Enforcement

Running Theme: Military

UnNews:Flaming_flatulence_rocks_military UnNews:U.S._and_Russia_to_cut_Weinerdog_Arsenals UnNews:Line-of-duty_boogies_decline UnNews:Unites_States_Air_Force_Unveils_Newest_Stealth_Fighter_Plane UnNews:Iranian_missile_test_photo_'digitally_altered' UnNews:Obama_keeps_Troops_in_Iraq:_Dems_happy UnNews:Flaming_flatulence_rocks_military

Running Theme: Kids

UnNews:Childrens_summer_beer_drinking_camp_registration_opens UnNews:Hezbollah_bombs_UnNews_HQ UnNews:Sales_of_poop_are_running_thin

Running Theme: Women, Men

UnNews:American_Penis_Restrictions_to_Begin_This_Week UnNews:God_Orders_Global_Women_Recall UnNews:God_recalls_240,000_men]] UnNews:Man_wants_his_name_back UnNews:Man_fools_death,_then_death_fools_man UnNews:Dancers_to_crush_CA_State_colleges UnNews:Get_to_Work UnNews:Woman_with_Tattoo_Wonders_Why_She's_still_Single UnNews:Navel_Speaks_to_Man UnNews:Man_fools_death,_then_death_fools_man UnNews:Low_Tide_strands_Man,000_men UnNews:Photographer_Jailed_for_Photo

Running Theme: Today in History, About Town columns

UnNews:Today_in_History UnNews:"About_Town"_Jan._9th-16th.,_2010 UnNews:Christmas_week_Mime_arrests_up

Running Theme: Science, Technology, things that move

UnNews:New_Year_in_Colon_Cleansing_Technology UnNews:GM_clears_out_Banana_Cars UnNews:Action_Urged_on_Asteroids UnNews:African_Airlines_Pilots_Quit UnNews:Tang_Not_Going_to_Space_with_Chinese_Astronauts

The_Bullshit_Bandito UnNews:Ecstatic_UNNEWS_Writer_Celebrates UnNews:DWP_Snags_in_Beijing_Addressed [[2]] UnNews:Lost_Scuba_Divers_Survive_Deadly_Dragon


To write your name copy this code/use this code: Smuggler 17:44, June 14, 2014 (UTC)

Code examples/code resources

This serves to demonstrate proper coding for inserting a HYPERLINK (simply click "edit" from either above or to the side and copy the whole sentence. Then go to the page to be edited, insert the sentence, then edit as needed:

 "...spike in alcoholic animals, and Alcoholic's Anonymous chapters are popping up across the Southland...

See that vertical line? In Wikipedia you have to remove it.

or, just the code itsself:

 blind engineers

How to insert a 'sources' code is below & ironically, appears as "sources"

 == Sources ==

Code for Categories

(The following are not found immed. below this sentence, they are found along the bottom of the page. So scroll down all the way).

Yap with Smuggler!

(Reference) Sources

Beginning of "To Do List

A list of "special pages". These pages could use some help. This is the main "special page".

A list of "orphaned pages". Good practice for inserting hyperlinks!

"Dead End" pages:

What I'm working on/will work on in "Dead End Pages":

"Pages w/o any images:"

"Hyperlink to where you need to go to make an UnEncyclopedia page:"

"Pages that need to be created."

"Pages with nothing linked to them."

Images to insert prn

The bullshit bandito
Smuggler UnNews Shot
Pineapples of wrath1
This article is full of crap
This story has been a figment of my imagination
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This article features first-hand journalism by an UnNews correspondent.
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