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“Well, thar ain't nuthin' tuh this here quotes thang...y'just start yappin.”
~ John Wayne on Quoting John Wayne

John Wayne said many interesting, thought provoking, and utterly true things in his life. Unfortunately, it was impossible to understand a thing he said. As such, this page will edify the various users on proper John (Don't call me Lil!) Wayne speech ettiquette and mannerisms.

edit Context

John Wayne had ideas on nearly every subject imaginable. Naturally, anything about horses, riding, roping, cattle, fillies (both bovine and human,) or the Old West would greatly interest John. As well, he liked wars, guns, explosions and horticultural science.

As you research, create and generally write your articles, put yourself into John Wayne's size 13 boots (American size = European size 128) and imagine how Tha Duke might react to your subject matter. Then, stop trying, because you're not man enough. Even if you're a woman, then double it.

edit Examples

edit John Wayne on Women

  • "Wimmin folk ur a durn saght prettier'n mah horse, and thas sayin' sumpin!"
  • "Ah nev'r met me a wommin Ah culnd'ta rahd"
  • "Y'all met Betty Sue? She'sa raght purty filly she is."

edit John Wayne on War

  • "Y'all rahd up that thar hill and kill me sum Kraut!"
  • "Nahw, y'all want to be raght touchy wit dat thar rahfle, it'll jes go an' blow yer hed off!"
  • "Jes as soon as this here war's over, ah'll be head'n home."

edit John Wayne on racism

  • "Ah never met me a fallah man I couldn'ta kill"
  • "You got yer folk, alla diffrnt colrs. Now, Ah don' see how that's gonna work."
  • "Damn Jew agent - he done stole mah royalty check!"

edit John Wayne on Brits

  • "Damn Limey agent - he done stole mah royalty check!"

edit Final thoughts

Mark e smith

John Wayne lahks it when y'all quote 'im.

John Wayne was a Man's man. Every man owned him, and none could control him. He's got to face a gunfight once more to live up to his legend once more. To win just one more time. Break the law and he's the last man you want to see. And the last you ever will. All they wanted was their chance to be men...and he gave it to them. They wanted gold. He gave them lead instead! Give 'Em Hell, John.

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