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edit Who Am I?

I am Skyfortress... yes i am floating above your head right now gunna pwn you with my bombs.

I am the child of the Giant spaghetti monster, which is why im flying above your head

I'm a n00b and im not afraid to say it... no not because i want to win the noob of the month award. But cause i need help. Or do I? Do I?

yes skyfortress.. I AM YOUR FATHER

Heck lets forget this...

I like WOMD (DESTRUCTION NOT DISTRACTION) BUT im not bush's son, although my dad did tell me to appreciate all weapons... Bow to the giant spaghetti monster!

If your thinking yes I am Propaganding you to to join our cult.

Thank you for reading this propaganda message :)

edit What Im writing

The Ion cannon.. Pee review waiting

The Homing Pigeon project starting

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