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edit Something Scary This way "Comes"

by Skinfan13


Uncyclopedia, Main Page - A recent infestation of glowing dildos has taken over the front page of Uncyclopedia. Many users were shocked on April 11th when they opened up their web browsers and were treated to bright green replicas of EugeneKay's penis. Everywhere. Even poor anti-Semite Mel Gibson couldn't escape the wrath of the glowing dick. The scream person from the famous painting? Turns out they were being chased by a hoard of giant glowing EugeneKay penises.

When asked to comment on the matter, users simply refused to acknowledge that they had seen the penises at all. "Well, I for one didn't notice anything. Glowing peni are so common around here that these particular examples of illuminated manhood really didn't make an impression..." said Aleister in Chains. HELPME had a different outlook on the whole matter. "Of course I noticed, how couldn't I? They were everywhere!" Random internet traffic took notice of the infestation as well. commented, "Ballsack!!!11 alolololololololooll pasfsdkjfhaelkfjds PENIS PENIS PENIS." he was promptly banned.

The infestation passed almost as quickly as it came and a sense of normalcy returned to the main page when the penises retreated into the dark and abysmal graveyard of unused image files. By April 13th, all traces of the Great Penis Invasion of April 11-13 2010 (as it is now being called) were gone. There are, however, unconfirmed reports that the menace still lingers close to the main page, just waiting to strike again soon.

edit Pee Review, Why Should I care?

by Skinfan13

Secret Headquarters, PEEING - Well hello there, I'm Skinfan13, the latest addition to the PEEING Steel Kidney ranks. I wanted to take the time to share with you all my views on piss and why you should care about bodily fluids as much as myself and the other good and jolly members of PEEING. I may be a fairly new guy to this whole running the secret underworld of urine here at Uncyc, but I hope you guys will hear me out.

In my brief time so far helping Necropaxx maintain the review pages in the absence of good ol' ChiefjusticeDS (whom we welcome back from an extended break this week), I have noticed that the pee review request queue has been filling up faster than it is being emptied. Many of you fine gentlemen and ladies have been utilizing the pee review service to help better your articles, but have not really contributed to helping others by reviewing for them. I would like to invite you all to piss all over people's hard work. How often do you get to hear something like that, huh? At any rate, it would be nice if we could get some people to help start chipping away at the queue in addition to filling it up. Reviewing is a great tool for everyone in terms of improving the quality of articles here, and I know I have benefited greatly from advice I've gotten from pee reviews, hopefully the service will continue to do the same for you. Also, for those who don't use pee review to help improve your articles, pee review is a great tool, I hope that you will utilize it in the future! Happy pissing reviewers!

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