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This page is mostly for my own reference, but I'm flattered that you, <insert name here>, want to browse my reviews!

Date of pee review Article Writer Score given Notes Link to pee
115 October 2009Henry David ThoreauPsychokitten37My first review, unfortunately, I jumped the gun and reviewed a tagged article.Here
215 October 2009The History of The World, Condensed Into One Uncyclopedia ArticleSaltyKid35Here
315 October 2009The Al Pacino Academy of ShoutingMatfen81543This review was too short for such a long article, note to self: don't do thatHere
43 January 2010YouTubersBpenguin173This article has since been improved beyond comparison. Bpenguin17 never did anything with the mess he created, so this review is really useless.Here
53 January 2010Australian EconomyAndabear29Here
63 January 2010Robert De NiroBlack flamingo1145 I did a terrible job reviewing this.Here
73 January 2010Ku Klux KlanGuildensternenstein35Probably my first review where I actually recommended stuff worth implementing. This may be my first in-depth reviewHere
815 January 2010IrelandSockpuppet of an unregistered user37.6 This is without a doubt my first good review, got a Golden Shower tooHere
924 January 2010ELPGrumblegrump36Here
101 February 2010CatsodomizerzElhobbit4.5This review was simply to get this page off the needing review list. improperly submitted and (thankfully) was never made into an article.Here
111 February 2010OpethGuildensternenstein34.5Here
122 February 2010Little Adolf's School ReportSog197044note to self, this will probably be featured Yup.Here
134 February 2010Butter v. toastSakai4eva17.5Here
148 February 2010Tropical cyclonePuppyOnTheRadio40.5Not too long of a review for good reason (see here)Here
159 February 2010Charles DeGaulleSog197039.75 Will look over again for possible VFH nomination Nominated and featured Here
1610 February 2010Liquid WinOccorru14.75Here
1711 February 2010UnNews:Arbeit hat nicht frei gemachtPtok-Bentoniczny33.25may want to go through and make grammar edits for Ptok at some pointHere
1812 February 2010Sidney OhioISCHOZ15.25Here
1912 February 2010UnBooks:Purpose-Driven LifeMrCleveland9.5Here
2014 February 2010HowTo: Get into God's good booksArchie Wah Wah37.25May consider a nom for VFH in the futureHere
2114 February 2010Giraffe #### SchizophreniaZim_ulator29Here
2218 February 2010Robert De NiroBlack flamingo1139.25My second review of this article. Much improved over my first. Will consider a VFH nomination in the future. yup, nommed featured.Here
2320 February, 2010CarebearsPuppyOnTheRadio24.5Here
2421 February, 2010FaithTragicbooty37Here
2524 February, 2010PZ MyersCluelessPedestrian27Here
2628 February, 2010Game theoryGlobalTourniquet39Possible VFH material, revisit in the future.Here
271 March, 2010CreationismWhy do I need to provide this?40.75This was a collaboration piece by Imperial Colonization. Will consider VFH when final product is done. Nom and Featured 7 MarchHere
283 March, 2010The company of myselfCluelessPedestrian27.5Here
294 March, 2010DreamingAleister in Chains35.5Here
306 March, 2010PhraseNachlader43will consider VFH in the future someone nommed it before me lolHere
317 March, 2010Uncyclopedia Defence SquadronFahrenheit 25.5Here
3218 March, 2010Uncyclopedia Beach LocalFunnybony29.5Here
3323 March, 2010Kurdish Military IndustriesFredd_The_Mahmauscher & SPIKE39.5revisit for VFH later Yup, someone nommed it before me and it was featured.Here
3425 March, 2010UnNews:Andrew Jackson rises from grave; criticizes governmentKip the Dip38.75maybe VFH material, depending on the final productHere
3527 March, 2010First!!!!Iwillkillyou33318Here
3630 March, 2010West TimorMsuCarencro 45.75I will definitely nominate for VFH once Msu indicates he's satisfied with the article. failed VFH :(Here
371 April, 2010The Legend of Zelda: Spirit TracksJoe932017Here
384 April, 2010Why?:Do I need to provide this?Necropaxx39.5on VFH right now... featured.Here
3910 April, 2010Blue-ringed octopusFunnybony28.5Here
404 May, 2010OthelloMurroughOBrien21.5Here
414 July, 2010The Fourth StoogeThekillerfroggy35.5Here
428 July, 2010RolexAleister in Chains41.25Will nom for VFH once Al is satisfied with the article.Here
439 August, 2010Foreign Accent SyndromeMsuCarencro34.5Here
4412 June, 2012Tom CruiseVertumnus26Here

GoldenShower Rejoice, Skinfan13! You have been entitled to the
Golden Shower Award
For donating high quality material to the Pee Review.

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