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This page will be used to coordinate efforts of the frat and to inform the members of pertinent information. It will be updated as frequently as possible. Feel free to comment on the bullets below by adding the appropriate number of ":" before each response.

July, 2010

  • (1 July, 2010) -I'm now officially back from Europe and done with studies for the summer, so now my full attention (well, maybe not full) can be given to Uncyclopedia for the first time since March. With that said, here's what's on the menu in terms of July frat activities:
    • The June collaboration, Taco, isn't done yet, therefore we'll keep working on that for a few days. It looks as though we'll be doing the article Weird for July, we'll start that around July 6th.
    • Conservation Week is fast approaching! Members should concentrate on that if they so feel like.
    • A renewed effort at individual article creation for the frat. This is an important part of the fraternity, and we've been slacking off, myself included.

more to come in the soon-to-be July newsletter! -- Skinfan13

  • (5 July, 2010) -Here's the deal with conservation week and the collaborations: we're going to keep Taco open for the remainder of conservation week (and maybe a little longer) so that we can all focus on that. We'll start on weird as soon as we move taco to mainspace. Also, new guidelines on the pee review process for monthly collaborations: the person who submits the pee review for a completed collaboration has the responsibility to implement the suggestions. I'll be adding that on the appropriate page (if I can find it lol) -- Skinfan13
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