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March, 2010

  • (25 Mar, 2010) - Okay, so the first collaboration piece is nearing completion and the writing process went really well. Very soon though we're all going to have to come to a consensus on just how we want to press forward with doing these collaborations. I think that doing an article a month is a good way to go about this, but I'm curious to find out how this works in practice and I'd like people's opinions about it. In addition to this, we'll need to decide on how we'll choose future collaborations: should we do a single nomination for each month? should it be in the last week of a month or the first week of the month of that collaboration? Or should we have a rolling nomination system with a queue based on overall number of votes? I'd like to get everyone's feedback! -- Skinfan13

  • (25 Mar, 2010) - It has recently been brought to my attention that female users feel left out from this because we are a fraternity and its a 'brotherhood'. I'd like to encourage female users to join up despite the male connotation of the terms. 'brotherhood' in this sense is more for a collective of people than a bunch of males, and I'll add a second template for the 'brother' rank that says 'sister' instead. --Skinfan13

  • (25 Mar, 2010) - Our collaboration on Nintendo has been reviewed now, thanks to Why?, and we'll be implementing some of the suggestions before we vote on whether the article is ready or not. I would encourage everyone to read the version we have now, then read it again once we're done editing on the 28th so that we can all vote on the article. Ideally, I'd like every member to vote on it. -- Skinfan13

  • (27 Mar, 2010) - Nintendo is now being voted on whether it is ready for mainspace or not. please drop by and cast your vote! voting ends on the 31st. -- Skinfan13

  • (29 Mar, 2010) - Nintendo has been moved to mainspace, hop on over and check it out! Pelargonium, Aleister in Chains, and myself will be given the points for being the principal authors of the collaboration, great job guys! -- Skinfan13
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