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June, 2010

  • (2 June, 2010) -Hey everyone, just a quick update: I'm currently in Budapest, Hungary for the next month and will be checking in here only every once in a while, so I've asked Al in Chains to go ahead and take the lead here at USS for the next month. I'll be dropping in occasionally, but I'll be back full time in July. As for May's collaboration, I'm going to keep that open for a few more days and then we'll vote on it, I'll keep you posted for now, but Al should take over in a few days. take it easy, -- Skinfan13

  • (22 June, 2010) -An update from Budapest! I'll be dropping in later tonight to edit this post with more information, to clean house here at USS a little (book keeping and all that junk), and to add my little additions to the June collaboration, Taco. --SF13
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