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April, 2010

  • (1 April, 2010) - Upsilon Sigma Sigma will hereby cease to exist... April fools! (hides head in shame from horrid joke) Well, new month, new collaboration. This month, after a vote, we have determined we will be doing Tim Burton. Drop on by the collaboration's talk page to discuss strategy for how we're going to tackle this one. I'm really looking forward to this one! Also, don't forget to vote for Nintendo on VFH if you feel compelled to do so. --Skinfan13

  • (7 April, 2010) - Alright, Tim Burton is going... rather slowly. I must say I do like what we've done so far. Other stuff; Please update the score list on your own, both the points table and the list of your accomplishments. I've done most of that on my own so far, but I'll be stopping very soon (apart from the collab points). If you don't pick up your points on your own, then tough luck. Also, the claimed articles list is fairly empty... I hope this doesn't reflect a general lack of working on requested pages, the individual creation of requested content is just as important as the collaboration. With that said, cheers, and here's to three more weeks of April and Tim Burton --Skinfan13

  • (8 April, 2010) - There have been some issues raised with the points system USS has been utilizing, and after giving it some thought, you guys were right, it made no sense. Therefore, a new points scale is in effect starting now. Everyone's points earned so far are still good though, so no worries. Firstly, an explanation of the old scale. The 2 points at the beginning of each month was meant to promote and reward seniority. Why? raised some excellent points about that, and the seniority points are now a thing of the past, you will have to earn your points for your contributions from now on. Secondly, Miley was wondering why collab authors got 4 points and individual articles only got 2. The reasoning behind this was that the collab was a month long process, and therefore would get more points. The monthly collab authors will now get 2 points, same as individual articles. Other changes were implemented in terms of accumulating points. Drop down to the list and give it a look. Other things, please drop by the collab page and contribute to good old Tim Burton, and please don't feel intimidated about adding new pictures or sections! One other thing about the collab, Don't drastically alter text already contributed by members, just add to it or slightly alter it. If you feel text needs a radical change or stuff needs to be taken out, take it to the talk page and work it out. i don't think this has been an issue at all so far, but I wanted to address that now before it might become a problem. Keep up the good work everyone! (and start those individual articles!) --Skinfan13
  • Also, be sure to check out the new and improved collaboration guidelines and procedures under the collaborations tab, including a new nomination queue! -- Sir SF13 (Talk) Upsilonsigmasigmacrest GUN WotM RotM FBotM VFH SK Maj. ΥΣΣ 21:28 EST 8 April, 2010
  • "I wanted to address that now before it might become a problem."--say what? Are you trying to prevent us from having pointless arguments and getting pissed at each other for no good reason by avoiding the conflict to begin with? What kind of fraternity is this, anyway! (Seriously, good idea). WHY???PuppyOnTheRadio 22:01, April 9, 2010 (UTC)
  • Also, I tried out a 'technique' if you will for doing this, where one simply bolds the text bloc they want deleted and add a bold/italicized name at the end within the text of the article. worked great, I'll see if maybe that would be a good way to go about it... ideas? -- Sir SF13 (Talk) Upsilonsigmasigmacrest GUN WotM RotM FBotM VFH SK Maj. ΥΣΣ 01:44 EST 10 April, 2010

  • (10 April, 2010) - Well, as many of you college-aged frat bros know, finals are coming up very soon. I have an incredible load of schoolwork I need to attend to over the next three weeks, so I will be around very little during that time. I'll drop by whenever I can (and I'll complete the section of Tim Burton I reserved), but for the most part I won't be around much (hopefully for the sake of my grades...), so I'll ask brother Al to go ahead and fill in for me in terms of setting up the final product for this month's collab. Anyways, that's whats going on. I like how Tim's turning out by the way, keep up the good work! (could use some more pictures) --Skinfan13
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